The pathetic Pelosi putsch

Just how did he botch this so badly? Let us count the ways:

Too much Moulton: The Pelosi critics have bristled at the attempts to dub them “#fivewhiteguys,” referring to Moulton and four of his top allies. Defending himself at an Amesbury, Massachusetts, town hall this month, Moulton defended himself by saying, “I think it’s kind of sad people have turned this into a sexist argument, because women have been leading it from the very beginning,”

But if that’s the case, why do I keep seeing Moulton’s mug on TV? Why is Moulton the one giving most of the public whip counts? Why was Moulton, in the immediate aftermath of the election, speaking on behalf of newly elected Democrats and declaring, prematurely, what they would do?

If Moulton didn’t want his effort to look like a mansplaining young punk taking down a vastly more experienced woman, then he shouldn’t have placed himself in the spotlight. He should have found a woman prepared to be the public face of the effort, ideally someone prepared to run for the post, and then gotten out of the way.

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