Ruling against Trump Foundation could mean start of much worse, says attorney

Trump “should be very, very concerned about this lawsuit, perhaps more so than any other currently pending. It may open the door to his financial empire which is where many experts believe he may be criminally vulnerable,” wrote Washington, D.C. attorney Mark S. Zaid.

In an email to Law&Crime, Zaid said that he wondered whether the AG’s lawsuit against the Trumps and the Foundation “could allow discovery into financial donations, their origins and whether it was of a laundering nature.” Zaid further noted that information uncovered in this case could be forwarded to other departments within the New York Attorney General’s Office or perhaps even to federal prosecutor. Tax information could cause “potential problems,” he concluded.

The current case against the Trumps and their Foundation is civil in nature. A criminal case could, under Zaid’s theory, commence if investigators turn up something more nefarious.

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