"Never Trump" Republicans went Democrat in 2018. Are they gone for good?

“It was the revenge of the Never Trumpers in the House,” said David Wasserman, an elections analyst for Cook Political Report and an NBC News contributor and senior analyst with the NBC Election Unit.

One analysis by Democratic firm Catalist showed a 24 point swing among white college-educated woman toward Democrats from 2014 to 2018.

Exit polls also showed Democrats cleaning up with independents by a 12-point margin, a group Republicans won as recently as 2016 and even in 2012. That could be a sign that some recent GOP-leaning voters no longer identify with the party, which would come as no surprise to Olsen.

“There’s not a week that’s gone by over the last couple of years that I haven’t thought about whether it’s time to change my registration to ‘no party preference,’” Olsen said. “It’s a daily struggle for me.”

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