Study: Average American will put on six pounds during holiday season

“Healthy snacking is a useful tool in combating overindulgence. Consuming protein-rich snacks before heading out to a holiday feast can help make you feel full, so that you don’t over indulge,” says Dr. John Agwunobi, co-president and chief health and nutrition officer at Herbalife Nutrition, in a statement.

Still, the temptation to enjoy holiday meals — and all the leftovers that stick around in our refrigerators — leads the average American to overeat on 13 days between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Eight in 10 find themselves eating more sweets during the holiday season.

Despite all the eating, half of the respondents don’t plan on exercising regularly until the start of the new year to help offset all the weight gain. Even so, 54 percent think they’ll successfully stick to their plans to be healthier in 2019. A third of respondents have already decided on their New Year’s resolutions for 2019. Leading the way is exercising more (71 percent), eating healthier (71 percent), focusing on self-care (55 percent), saving more money (54 percent), and learning a new skill or hobby (38 percent).