Conservative comedians struggle to find gigs due to opposite opinions

According to texts provided to The Washington Times by Mr. McGrew, Mr. Garrett said he was sickened by the comedian’s social media posts supporting President Trump and used an expletive to describe the administration. The sitcom star went on to tell Mr. McGrew that his conservative views are taking down the country.

The out-of-nowhere attack on his beliefs stunned Mr. McGrew who said he has been friends with Mr. Garrett since they were struggling comedians in the late 1980s and early 1990s — long before Mr. Garrett made it big, netting three Emmy Awards and two other nominations.

“I was shocked to hear this because we’ve worked together for so long,” Mr. McGrew said. “We’ve been friends since we both started and never had any problems with our different political beliefs. We both talked about voting for other people in the [2016] election and joked about it.”

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