Things have gotten so stupid, we’re now politicizing food

Knowing and liking Chris and Jazz personally as I do, this is obviously jokey, humorous stuff. And yet, the responses to Silver’s data do serve to underline the basic point: Even food has now become a line of demarcation with regard to politics—or perhaps more accurately, politics as an extension of culture. You can see this also with the bevy of responses from apparently liberal Californians defending their salads in reply to the original tweet, or the disagreement among what appear to be mainly African-American Southerners and white Southerners about the acceptability of macaroni and cheese as a Thanksgiving side.

Check your privilege, macaroni skeptics.

The upshot here is that America is truly divided and, apparently, the battle lines aren’t just over “Medicare for All” or trade policy, but rather totally non-policy-related cultural allegiances. Do you feel more “sympatico” with the Duck Dynasty guy or Lena Dunham? But more importantly, for this week anyway, do you like Christian-ish fried chicken sandwiches and mashed potatoes or tacos and salad and cheesy pasta?

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