This Thanksgiving, be thankful that America is so darned entertaining

Finding fresh reasons for indignation is a challenge in fury-saturated America, but Halsey, a singer, rose to it, saying that hotels’ “white people shampoo” furthers the “disenfranchisement” of people of color. A Dutch man, 69, noting that advanced thinkers think gender fluidity is real, wondered why not age, too, and demanded that all records of his birthdate be revised to say he is 49 because that is how he “feels.” To Abelard and Heloise, and Romeo and Juliet, add another torrid romance, that of Kim Jong Un and President Trump, with the latter saying of the former, “He wrote me beautiful letters. . . . We fell in love.” Listening to testimony she disbelieved, Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-Calif.), responded, “I may be elected, but I’m not a fool.”

Under Utah’s “free-range” parenting law, parents need not fear being sentenced to parenting classes if they allow their children to go alone to buy bread at the corner market. The California professor who said of Barbara Bush, “I’m happy the witch is dead,” and said Bush was a racist who raised a war criminal, also said she, the professor, could not be fired because she has tenure in her $100,000 job instructing California’s young. Yale’s ban on pets in dorms was bent to accommodate “emotional support animals,” which are needed when Yalies are microaggressed by culture-appropriating Halloween costumes. Frontier Airlines found the limits of its patience, disembarking a woman and her emotional-support squirrel.

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