Stop pretending you don’t love Thanksgiving

Is there anything better than the sound of a bustling kitchen, the scent of turkey roasting in the air and children laughing, free from the burdens of gender identity?

At least that what’s I tell my sister-in-law, as I urge her to let my nephew, Cody, watch Dora the Explorer instead of giving into the gender stereotypes permeating Go Diego Go. It seems obvious she should use the show as a tool for teaching Cody about the ‘explorers’ bravely making their way from South America in the migrant caravan — the people our racist president wants to kill.

Many Americans watch football on this national holiday, but with the culturally insensitive Redskins not on yet, my opportunities to bring some social justice perspective on the toxically masculine game are limited.

Still, the lack of racist football teams on TV can’t deter me from enjoying the one day of the year I get to inform my cis-family about who they really are from the safe space of my virtuous stance against Native American genocide.

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