Just like Obama, Democrats are falling for the idea of Beto 2020

Betomania may be sweeping the nation’s Democratic circles, but not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. That’s especially true in what will be a crowded field where mega-donors are looking to place their money with the best candidate.

“It’s naivete, it’s political suicide to do that,” one bundler told Politico about supporting one candidate over the other so early in the race.

Others, however, see O’Rourke as the perfect foil to go up against Trump in the 2020 race as he could nicely bring both sides of the divided Democratic Party together: He appeals to the older crowd and can raise huge amounts of money, while also exciting the younger progressive base of the party.

“People across the country just fell in love with him,” Christian Archer, a San Antonio-based Democratic strategist, told Politico. “He was able to raise national-level money, and that’s just such a distinct advantage.”

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