I helped lead the "fire Pelosi" campaign in 2010. Democrats would be nuts to do it now.

But this is a different world, politically, than eight years ago. Nancy Pelosi was again a key driver in this election, the top fundraiser for Democrats as they retook the House in an election that just so happens to have had a massive increase in both female voters and female candidates.

Democrats stayed with Pelosi for eight years, even as Republicans made an issue of her in congressional races across the country again this year. And while it is understandable why Republicans want to campaign and vote against Pelosi—she is a bankable commodity for the GOP—exactly why are are Democrats talking about dumping the most powerful woman in American political history, one with a successful track record of moving Democratic policy goals through the House, just after after she helped them reclaim the majority there?!

As Team Pelosi works to secure a majority and ensure there are no surprises on the House floor during the January speakership vote, there has been talk that she should announce she will serve only a single term as an essentially transitional speaker this time. Announcing such a move, however, would immediately mark her as a lame duck and kick off a two year campaign for the next Speakership.

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