Fox News isn't a normal media company. We have to stop treating it like one.

For all the recent talk about how to combat propaganda and disinformation, the single greatest disseminator of fake news — the most dangerous media company in the world — has escaped any real accountability.

It’s hardly a bold take to say that Fox News is a problem. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need to be told that PolitiFact ranks it the least accurate cable news network, or that its current primetime lineup features hours of barely veiled white nationalism. You probably know that President Trump and Fox exist in a perpetual feedback loop, in which an obscene talking point parroted by Fox & Friends on any given morning will be echoed by a presidential tweet within minutes and then dominate news coverage for the rest of the day.

In short, you’re probably very mad at Fox all the time. But being mad won’t solve the problem. Only direct action will. We need to stop treating Fox like a normal media company and start treating it like any other business devoted to actively harming the public. It should be boycotted.

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