It's come to this

Personally, I find all of this outrage to be absolutely silly. Does the advertisement seem to slam South London? Yes, of course it does; I can totally admit that. But the thing is, those insulting comments are being attributed to the f****** Grinch, who is literally one of fiction’s most infamous a**holes. The fact that he doesn’t seem to like South London shouldn’t be surprising or even noteworthy, considering the fact that his whole “thing” is hating stuff.

What’s more, I don’t think that the advertisement even really sent the message that the north side of London is any better than the south side. If you know even anything about the Grinch (and I’m sure most people who have seen the ad do), then you’d know that he probably hardly meant the words “You are now heading north of the river. Try to contain your excitement” sincerely. No . . . knowing the Grinch, it seems pretty clear that those words were intended to dripping with Grinchy sarcasm and trying to communicate the fact that the north side isn’t really anything to be excited about, either.

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