Excuse me, Mr. President, but death and pain are part of your job

Bob Woodward’s book Fear may shed some light on this hypothesis. According to Woodward, after traveling to Dover, Delaware, to greet the body of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, Trump reportedly told a senior staffer, “That’s a hard one.” Woodward’s source went on to say that Trump “was clearly rattled. He let it be known he would make no more trips to Dover.”

“He’s not that guy,” former Trump aide Steve Bannon added. “He’s never really been around the military… Never been around death.”

It is understandable that a president wouldn’t enjoy this aspect of the presidency. However, dealing with death is part of the job. The men and women who make sacrifices to see their commander in chief should both see the president and know that he understands and appreciates their service to our country.

Instead, Trump seems to be engaged in a sort of emotional protectionism. Just as he doesn’t exercise his body (reportedly, for fear of using up the finite amount of physical energy we are bestowed), he husbands his emotional energy, avoiding the kinds of difficult content and contact that might actually help him grow as a person.

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