The ACLU declines to defend civil rights

Last week, the NRA kept defending gun rights, the AARP kept advocating for older Americans, and the California Avocado Commission was steadfast as ever in touting “nature’s highest achievement.” In contrast, the ACLU issued a public statement that constitutes a stark, shortsighted betrayal of the organization’s historic mission: It vehemently opposed stronger due-process rights for the accused.

The matter began when Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos put forth new guidelines about how to comply with Title IX, the law that forbids colleges that receive federal funding from excluding anyone, denying them benefits, or subjecting them to any discrimination on the basis of sex.

The most controversial changes concern what happens when a student stands accused of sexual misbehavior. “Under the new rules, schools would be required to hold live hearings and would no longer rely on a so-called single investigator model,” The New York Times reports. “Accusers and students accused of sexual assault must be allowed to cross-examine each other through an adviser or lawyer.

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