Don't run, Sen. Warren, don't run

A presidential contest is not really a national election but a state-by-state battle. Hillary Clinton would be president today if she had won the 46 electoral votes of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, three states she barely lost.

Warren’s 60.3 percent this year was about the same as Clinton’s 60 percent share of the Massachusetts vote in 2016. Warren was unable to get much support from people who had cast ballots for Donald Trump or third-party candidates. More of these voters live in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan than in Massachusetts. The next Democratic nominee for president will need to attract many of them to win in 2020.

Democrats did well in those three states in the midterms, electing or reelecting governors and US senators, and increasing their number of US representatives. The winning candidates found language and issues that resonated with the people there. Massachusetts voters, who have not elected a Republican to Congress in 24 years, are not in sync with those voters.

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