Brosectomies: The men who get vasectomies together

In the typical brosectomy, two or more friends anxiously arrive at the urology clinic of their choice. After getting back-to-back surgeries—the procedure only takes a couple of minutes—they either head to a hotel to recover or spend the rest of the day lazing around at the clinic, where they might watch sports or movies, enjoy a decadent dinner, and knock back some booze. The specifics differ from brosectomy to brosectomy, but core idea remains the same: That friends are going through the experience together.

“I’ve had guys rent hotel rooms to recover with their bros while the wife stays home with the kids,” says Jesse Mills, director of the Men’s Clinic at UCLA. “They can commiserate and give each other a hard time while they’re getting room service and ice packs delivered.” In McLean, Virginia, luxury clinic Obsidian Men’s Health provides stiff drinks and televised sports for guys while they recover. And clinics across the country are similarly rolling out the red carpet for men who want a high-end group vasectomy.

While a basic vasectomy is often covered by insurance, the added brosectomy extras are all on the patient’s dime. It’s not surprising, then, that the trend seems to be mostly popular with the well-to-do.

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