Ocasio-Cortez is beating the right at their own meme game

Although it’s unclear what effect his latest tweet might have on his career, Scarry’s social media annihilation serves as a warning to the digital right: Tread very carefully when attacking Ocasio-Cortez online.

“Her youth automatically means she is plugged into meme culture and is social media savvy,” conservative meme creator Carpe Dunktum told Observer. “Meme makers should beware that she has a motivated constituency behind her that will immediately jump on memes that objectify, dismiss, or attack her personally.”

“Right-wing media have made Ocasio-Cortez a target for ludicrous attacks, which she has seemingly been able to disarm with mockery and ridicule,” explained Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt. “Even as all cylinders of the right-wing media machine fire on her campaign and transition into office, she’s remained resilient.”