The fight over Jim Acosta’s press pass is only beginning

First Amendment advocates hailed Friday’s ruling by a federal court judge that will result in at least a temporary return of CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta’s press credentials, which were yanked over a week ago following a news conference dust-up between Acosta and President Trump.

Since then, Fox News and over a dozen other news organizations have joined ranks with CNN to argue that Trump can’t revoke a reporter’s press credentials simply because he didn’t like a question the reporter asked, which appeared to be the case with Acosta.

Still, Jim Windolf, media editor of The New York Times, was among those expressing caution after Judge Timothy J. Kelly granted a temporary restraining order blocking the White House’s revocation. “Subtext of the judge’s order: You can kick a reporter out of the White House, but there are procedures you have to follow,” Windolf tweeted. “So it wasn’t necessarily a victory for the First Amendment.”

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