Acosta abused his privileges as a member of the press

This was hardly the first time Acosta starred in his own drama. Over and over, he makes himself the story, which is not appealing, even for some anti-Trumpers.

Indeed, the response to my column supporting the initial suspension reveals that Americans on both sides of the Trump line believe manners still matter. They differ over who is at fault, with Trump supporters seeing most journalists as Democrats with press passes, while Acosta supporters mostly argue he was justified in behaving badly because Trump does, too.

As reader Dave Druten put it, “Respecting a president is preferred conduct, but kowtowing to a proven liar is not proper journalism. You need to address the root of the problem and not the symptoms of disrespect it has spawned.”

Reader Deanne Payne offers yet another view, saying that, although she is not a Trump supporter, she is disturbed by media bias and the lack of professionalism. “I am a nurse and I care for people of all walks of life and my biases, as part of my job, have to be checked at the door,” she writes. “The approach by many in the media is undignified and disgraceful.”

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