Dem Rep. Seth Moulton draws fire for campaign to deny Pelosi speaker’s job

Inside the House, Moulton’s ambition and sharp elbows have long been a subject of his colleagues’ grumbling, and his latest fusillade at Pelosi — this time, after a sweeping electoral win — has angered even some of his admirers.

“Is he rubbing people the wrong way with how he’s perceived in this? I would say, yeah,” Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.) said.

“Let me get this straight — 17 or 18 who aren’t happy can block the will of over 200 members of the caucus? Where does that end?” he added. “With his zeal for revolution, there’s a lot of wounded left on the battlefield.”

In the aftermath of the Democratic victory, Moulton is sparking intraparty warfare — and infuriating liberals and women around the country — by trying to block Pelosi from reclaiming the gavel in January.

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