Democrats would be nuts to oust Nancy Pelosi

As the effort to vote down Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., as speaker gains steam, it’s worth taking a step back to acknowledge one thing: House Democrats would be nuts to oust Pelosi as their leader.

As a conservative, to be sure, I am no fan of Pelosi and am not looking forward to her running the House again. I am also well aware of her unpopularity — earning just a 17 percent approval rating nationally. But the reality is that in 2020, voters won’t be basing their votes on Pelosi, they’ll be basing their votes around the issues that are most important to them, their local candidates, and their feelings about President Trump and whoever is challenging him.

Given that Democrats lack the Senate or White House, the goal of any speaker over the next year will be to remain focused on passing legislation that’s supported by the party’s base, broadly popular, yet blocked by Republicans. That will allow Democrats to run in 2020 on the message: “Elect us and we’ll be able to enact all of these great policies being held up by Republicans.” Any speaker will have to have the ability to maintain party discipline and to avoid indulging the fantasy of impeachment that, as of now, remains overwhelmingly unpopular with voters.

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