Please, Hillary, don't do it

In 2018, we saw the progressive, Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic party and the more centrist factions, previously marshaled by Hillary Clinton, temporarily band-aid over their differences that were on full display in 2016 for the common good.

By agreeing to play nice with one another, they were able to take back the House and a handful of governor’s mansions, providing the first real check on the Trump White House. But Hillary resurfacing as a presidential candidate would pick off that ugly scab, creating a toxic intramural dynamic that would infect the outcome of 2020 and well beyond.

We have also seen the demographic divide of the party come into clear view with the recent midterm elections. Women, people of color, LGBT people, and young candidates were elected at historic levels. It’s clear that Hillary’s election loss and Trump’s divisive, us-versus-them leadership style helped, in part, unleash this trend — which makes it all the more difficult to imagine Democrats turning back to her as their pick for 2020.

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