“As a former U.S. Attorney, I would only align myself with a first-class organization”

The company’s Twitter account also traded in racist messaging and political outrage, and appeared to throw its support behind Trump, announcing plans in 2015 for a super PAC called Republicans Invent.

Oh, and it promoted a future where “time travel” technology was within reach.

“World-renowned physicist, author, and scholar Dr. Ronald Mallett believes time travel is possible, perhaps within the next decade…. World Patent Marketing has partnered with Dr. Ronald Mallett to make his vision a reality,” the company wrote in a caption on its Vimeo page.

“Whitaker’s connection with this company certainly raises red flags about his judgement,” Barbara McQuade, former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, told VICE News. “And it raises questions about the thoroughness of the vetting process before his appointment as Attorney General.”

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