The vaporware presidency

Other bits of Trump’s vaporware are, as they say in the tech world, no longer being supported. Remember when Trump talked endlessly about how his “infrastructure plan” could top the $1 trillion mark? Not only did he never get this plan turned into law, he never even turned his “plan” into an actual plan. I doubt you’ll ever hear about it again. Ditto the death penalty Trump wanted to impose for drug dealers. And the voter fraud commission that was going to prove that, actually, Trump really did win the popular vote in 2016.
My personal favorite bit of Trump vaporware was the president’s announcement that he was going to end birthright citizenship via executive order. There was, as you may recall, quite a kerfuffle about this ridiculous proposal. Some people argued that not only could Trump do away with birthright citizenship with a stroke of his pen, but that he must do so, because it was a critical step for defending our nation state.

And then a week or so later, suddenly the entire topic of birthright citizenship was just . . . gone. Trump stopped talking about it. Trump supporters seemed to forgot about it. And the people who had rushed out to argue how crucial it was that Trump end it were suddenly on to the next thing.

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