We don’t produce enough fruit and vegetables to supply a healthy diet to the whole planet

But, split up by food type, according to the requirements of a healthy, balanced diet, globally we’re producing way too much in the way of sugar, grains, and fat–and way too little fruit and veg, the researchers’ analysis revealed.

This was shown by way of ‘servings’, a measure that dietary guidelines use to illustrate how many daily portions of each food type we should consume. Compared to the recommended 15 servings of fruit and vegetables we should be consuming each day, we’re only producing just enough globally to give us a third of that–just five servings. Comparatively, we produce enough grain to feed everyone 12 servings a day, when we need only eight. We also produce three times the amount of fat that the average diet requires.

But if global agriculture adapted to meet dietary guidelines, it wouldn’t only improve global health but also drive big changes in land-use and emissions, too.

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