How the media can restore trust with the public

I realize now that Americans don’t simply dislike certain journalists, but feel a deep, palpable sense of betrayal by the news media. And they’re justified.

In stepping away from the 24-hour news cycle, the most shocking realization for me was how little something I cared so much about really matters, how far away it feels, and how wrongly the audience is perceived. The media’s constant grating of the same topics over and over clouds the issues and fails to provide the service intended – clarity on current events. I get the same question repeatedly from those in search of unbiased sources of information: “Where can I go to get ‘the news’?”

The American people aren’t blind to the nuances of headlines; they’re busy living real lives and depend upon the press to quickly illuminate why an issue matters. The disproportionate coverage on the President’s treatment of journalists or the “heated political rhetoric” rather than what truly impacts the average citizen reflects both misguided priorities and a lack of respect.

To put it more plainly, our modern American news service lacks customer service.

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