Media bears some blame for why Republicans won't rush to Jim Acosta's cause

When you combine this amazing “coincidence” with the fact that same media seemed to think Trump was just awesome during the 2016 primaries (when touting him served their self-interest), it is not difficult to understand why conservatives are extremely skeptical of a media which is trying to claim that they are just fulfilling a constitutional duty which should not be curtailed.

If the press really wanted to have the public view the media’s mission of telling truth to power as something sacred and worthy of being defended at all costs, then they should have thought about that before they sold away all their credibility while pursuing their own political and economic agendas.

In the minds of conservatives, the media simply doesn’t get to have it both ways. They chose a path of strategic activism and, once they whored themselves out, they can no longer try to claim virginity when it suddenly serves their purposes.

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