If Trump wanted to "solve" abortion, he'd want people like Mia Love around

Trump’s crass criticism of Love was made even more idiotic later in the press conference, when someone asked him what he was doing on the pro-life front and the president implied that he had some master plan to solve abortion:

“I will not be able to explain it to you,” he said “Because it is an issue that is a very divisive, polarizing issue. But there is a solution; I think that I have that solution.”

Did you hear that? He’s going to fix abortion, people. Thoughtful, nuanced people of good will on both sides have debated and reasoned with each other for decades to no avail trying to solve an issue that pits women’s autonomy against the needs and the rights of the most vulnerable. But Donald Trump has got it all figured out. Eighteen-dimensional chess.

A president who was actually serious about finding a “solution” to the abortion stalemate—whatever that means—might wish to have an ambassador for the cause who was passionate and eloquent and thoughtful and could present herself as a good-faith voice for those who might not have been born.

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