New AG Matt Whitaker's link to a "scam" company that was shut down by the government

Whitaker was named as an advisory board member in October 2014 and Federal Election Commission filings showed the company’s owner donated $2,600 to Whitaker’s campaign when he was running for the US Senate. A payment record also shows Whitaker was paid at least $9,375 by the company from October 2014 to February 2016, and was due to be paid an additional $7,500 in 2016 and 2017, but it is unclear whether he received that money.

According to a World Patent Marketing press release announcing Whitaker’s position on the board, Whitaker was quoted as saying, “World Patent Marketing has become a trusted partner to many inventors that believe in the American Dream,” and “I have always admired World Patent Marketing and its innovative products and dynamic leadership team.”

In May, the company agreed to a settlement with the FTC amid allegations that World Patent Marketing used unfair tactics, including threats of legal action, when customers complained about the company or its services. The court banned the company from the invention promotion business; in addition, the judge ordered the $26 million judgment to be partially suspended as long as the company’s owner Scott Cooper paid about $975,000. Whitaker’s involvement was first reported by The Miami New Times.

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