House Dems ready to clash with Trump

Democratic leaders are likely to struggle to contain the party base’s demand to impeach Trump, which they see as politically counter-productive, especially because Democrats would probably be unable to muster the two-thirds Senate vote needed to remove him from office.

The House takeover gives Democrats a platform to highlight their vision for the nation, as well as a jumping off point for the party’s attempt to take down Trump in 2020. Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) have already discussed passing legislation expanding background checks on gun purchases, cracking down on money in politics and lobbying, as well as protecting the environment, repealing GOP tax cuts for the wealthy and expanding Obamacare.

While none of these bills will become law, they’ll create a sharp contrast to Trump’s policies and give voters a clear picture of what the party would do should Democrats take the White House and the Senate next election cycle.

First, however, House Democrats will have to figure out who their own leaders are.

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