The five things Trump (probably) learned from the midterms

(3) The cucks lost. Carlos Curbelo, a mini-Rubio from Florida who was never down with the Trump program? Gone. Barbara Comstock, an establishment creature from Northern Virginia? The first incumbent to bite the dust. Denver’s Mike Coffman? Blown out.

Never forget that Trump’s primary adversary has always been the Republican party, not the Democrats. And the midterm elections went a long way toward completing his pacification of the GOP by purging the last few unreliable elements. So while Republicans may have lost positions of power, this has the effect of giving Trump more power over the Republican party itself.

(4) Trump’s political instincts were vindicated. All of the losers, like Paul Ryan, wanted Trump to campaign on tax cuts and the unemployment rate. Trump thought that he needed American Carnage, Part Deux. Which is why his closing arguments were all about immigration, racial division, and chaos.

And Trump was right. Or at least, he wasn’t wrong. Maybe Republicans would have done marginally better had Trump held to a more conventional script. But the party’s losses stayed within the expected parameters, so maybe not.

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