Cruz won, but Dems smell blood in the water in Texas

Republicans should feel good that they resisted such pressure to bring Cruz the victory he got, but instead, there’s apprehension. Cruz had momentum thanks to the Kavanaugh confirmation and an established base that was ready to support him no matter what. He had a fired up base willing to defend the state from outside forces trying to turn Texas blue.

Cruz’s seat is safe for now, but for how long? Cruz may not have the series of dramatic events motivating Republicans and Independents the next time around. Cruz’s victory was as much Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Trump’s as it was his.

For all intents and purposes, O’Rourke was not a stand-out candidate. He had a likable personality that reminded people a lot of Barack Obama, and just like Obama, O’Rourke spoke in platitudes and used a lot of flowery words. His themes were hope, change, togetherness, and acceptance.

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