The left is building a cultural wall

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Trump Supporters Fired Up For Midterms?
Viewers can be forgiven for not drawing much of a distinction between Democratic officials and the comedy-industrial complex. This matters because a large swathe of the country feels that the Democrats and their friends in the culture combine to launch non-stop attacks on their values. Formerly noncontroversial ideas such as respect for wounded warriors keep getting redefined as outside the mainstream and even worthy of ridicule. Marsha Blackburn, the Republican candidate for Senate in Tennessee, didn’t hesitate to connect the dots for voters: “The unhinged Left has respect for no one, including our nations [sic] war heroes,” she tweeted, mentioning SNL’s take on Crenshaw. The National Republican Congressional Committee, GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, and Texas land commissioner George P. Bush (Jeb’s son) also weighed in via tweet.

War, or whatever. Feeling alienated from Hollywood and the media is a big reason why Americans between the coasts have moved strongly toward the Republican party, and Davidson’s remark is one more brick in the wall between the progressive coasts and the rest of the country. Between the coasts, Americans feel hated, scoffed at, disregarded, forgotten, or worse. They’re angry about it. Prominent showbiz types who tend to be richer and more beautiful than the average American aren’t content with their high perches atop their beloved cultural wall; they have to keep building the wall higher, and to spit on those below.