Poll: More than a quarter think everyone in the caravan should be turned away at the border

Republicans are more likely than others to see Middle Eastern terrorists in the migrant caravan: 55% believe at least “some” of the marchers are terrorists. Democrats and independents are more likely to think “very few” or “none” of the marchers fit that description.

There is, however, more support than opposition to sending US troops to the border. Overall, 44% approve of the President’s decision to do that, 33% don’t. Nearly all Republicans (87%) approve of sending troops, as do 43% of independents. Democrats oppose sending troops by about four to one, 59% to 15%.

Perhaps nowhere is the partisan gap as wide as on the question of building a wall on the US-Mexico border, one of the President’s signature campaign promises. The public overall opposes the wall (although by only a six point margin). Republicans favor a wall by nearly eight to one. Independents divide evenly.