Andrew Gillum and the mystery of 311 East Jennings Street

The federal probe aside, Gillum’s actions have prompted other questions. Until last month, his campaign was operating out of 1550 Melvin, owned by longtime confidante Sharon Lettman-Hicks. It’s the same building he has worked out of in his side gigs, first as director of youth leadership for the advocacy group People for the American Way, then for Lettman-Hicks’ P & P Communications, where Gillum was vice president. Just what he did for P & P, though, is not known. The company has no website, no dedicated phone line and has not formally disclosed its clients.

The building was bought with funding from the Northwest Florida Black Business Investment Corporation, a tax-exempt group that provides investment funding. Two of the investment corporation directors, Harold Knowles and Keith Bowers, are part of a group that in July received $281,000 in community development money for exclusive rights to a development project in the city.

All told, it’s a morass of addresses, interconnections, swaps and deals, linking Gillum to questionable alliances — questions that will not be answered before Tuesday’s vote.

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