Meet the hydro-haters: The people who refuse to drink water

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. hates water so much he’ll fight through painful cramps rather than hydrate. “When you get that stomach — it’s all slushy,” he told reporters. “I’m trying to stay hydrated, but sometimes I just gotta get an IV.”

Lori Cheek, however, has him beat: She’s landed in the ER three times due to severe dehydration — she simply refuses to touch the stuff. She’s been carted off in an ambulance after fainting at the gym, after suffering a panic attack and after experiencing extreme exhaustion from a minor cold — but she says she still won’t fall for Big Water’s scare tactics. “Even if there are absolutely no other options [besides water], I usually just opt to not drink anything,” she tells me.

Overall, I spoke to plenty of people who simply don’t drink water. Most hate the taste. Some grew up on juice and soda. Others depend on flavor enhancers for every glass they’re forced to down. Yet more have coffee with their workouts. A few have wine.

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