Pittsburgh suspect echoed talking point that dominated Fox News airwaves

It may never be known where he heard this hateful language. But a review of television and online content shows how “invasion” and “invaders” became a talking point in October — not just in the darkest corners of the web, but on Fox’s prime time shows. The network’s rivals CNN and MSNBC used “invasion” in the context of explaining the right-wing narrative.

Within days of the new caravan’s formation in Honduras, Fox News hosts and Republican congressmen were using dehumanizing language and casting the migrants as an imminent threat. In reality, the nearest caravan is about 1,000 miles from the nearest US port of entry, and many of the migrants say they want to seek asylum through legal avenues.

On Fox News, the word “invasion” was used in relation to the caravan more than 60 times in October, according to closed captioning transcripts. (This includes repeats of programs.) “Invading” was brought up more than a dozen times.