Donald Trump, clamp down on the insanity

Donald Trump has not come to bring peace to America, but a sword.

Politics has always been a nasty business. But the adults must now step in and provide leadership. This will mean voluntarily deciding not to maximize our profits or exploiting every single opportunity for buzz, ratings, clicks, or even votes. Starting a few years ago, conservatives like Ted Cruz started promising disruption. This was meant to be a very entrepreneurial/Silicon Valley-esque ethos. But it struck me as simultaneously un-conservative and discordant. And in the wake of the massacre in Pittsburgh it would serve him and others mimicking that rhetoric, to simply stop.

But there are other steps to take. I recently criticized the media for our contribution to the anger and chaos. I would also encourage conservatives and GOP committees, as a sign of good faith, to drop the George Soros ads and be more attuned to the notion that memes about the caravan are triggering people in dark ways. Liberals should not cheer activists who get in Republican lawmakers’ faces during their dinners. Social media companies should redouble their efforts to find ways to clean their proverbial pipelines of conspiracy theories and hate.

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