Back at Georgetown Prep, Kavanaugh is hailed as a hero

On Friday night, he showed up at “stag night,” the first event of the reunion weekend. Some classmates at the on-campus party were pretty sure that he was dressed in the same dark suit and blue tie that he wore to his bruising Senate Judiciary Committee hearing a month earlier. Attendees said that he mingled with fellow alumni, asking about their family members, chatting about his new job and at one point posing for pictures with the school’s kitchen staff.

The next day, he was back on campus to watch the varsity football team on which he had played 35 years earlier. This chilly and wet Saturday, his Hoyas trounced Episcopal High School, 24-6.

Justice Kavanaugh — wearing a red cap, khaki slacks and a black coat — was accompanied by two plainclothes security guards and a Montgomery County police officer as he worked the crowd.

“Hanging in,” he said to one attendee. “I’m well. Say hello to everyone.” At another point, his high-pitched laugh could be heard above the din of the crowd of about 400.

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