Why America desperately needs another baby boom

But it would be far better for the next generation of workers to be “Made in America” than imported from abroad. Most native-born students come to school already equipped — by their own parents —with the language skills and values they need to learn and succeed in America. Many immigrant children don’t and, according to the Federation for American Education Reform (FAIR), they require years of expensive special instruction costing taxpayers nearly $60 billion a year.

Beyond that, Americans should be at the head of the line for the same reason that companies prefer to promote from within — because they understand the company’s culture, speak its language and are more easily accepted by the other employees.

To bolster the birthrate, millennials have to be encouraged to marry and have children.

Right now, because of huge levels of student debt, a preference for cohabitation over marriage and a general unwillingness on the part of young men to take on the responsibilities of marriage and family, they are proving to be a largely barren lot.

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