Flight of the #FalseFlag conservatives

This morning we learned the utterly unsurprising news that the loon who’s—allegedly—been mailing crude bombs to every Democratic politician and TV talking head he could think of is—allegedly—a gentleman named Cesar Sayoc, who seems to be devoted to Donald Trump. And since then a few ordinarily chatty folks on Twitter have gone inexplicably radio silent.

Some talking heads in Trumpworld, you see, had backed themselves into a bit of a corner over the last few days, making increasingly bombastic pronouncements and speculations—they were just asking questions!—that the perpetrator was not a mentally imbalanced Republican, but a crooked, calculating libtard looking to drum up sympathy for the Democratic party before the midterms. Jim Swift compiled a list of these speculators on Thursday. Now seems like a good time to check in and see how they’re doing.