Megyn Kelly never got a chance to succeed at NBC

First, there was the patently ridiculous decision to put Kelly up against “60 Minutes” in June 2017 via NBC’s “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.”

Great move, considering “60 Minutes” has been a ratings monster that has devoured any and all competition for 50 years. It looks like a textbook example of setting someone up for failure.

That fall, she launched a third hour of “Today,” another oddity from NBC brass. Why is someone you just made your highest-paid talent only doing one hour at the relatively unimportant time of 9 a.m.?

Even when the 2018 Winter Olympics came along, providing NBC News anchors and hosts with a huge platform, Kelly was left back in the states. To add insult to injury, the network hired former “Today” show star Katie Couric as a one-off host for the opening ceremonies.