Megyn Kelly was making racist comments long before "blackface."NBC hired her anyway.

“Megyn Kelly said something really racist,” should not be a surprising sentence to anyone.

After defending blackface, she is reportedly on her way out of the Today Show, where she anchors the third hour, and perhaps of NBC altogether. But the original sin was that Kelly was hired by NBC at all.

Kelly had a long track record of racial demagoguery at Fox News before she ever set foot in the NBC studios. It would be different if she had come to terms with her own racial animus and worked to overcome it and make amends with the communities she had harmed. But NBC hired an unrepentant Kelly, who spoke with pride of all her work at Fox News.

One of my craziest on air experiences debating a conservative — a very high bar — involved Kelly yelling at me on live television for nearly 10 minutes for disagreeing that the “New Black Panthers” were a threat to Good People Everywhere.