Megyn Kelly’s blackface comments are just the tip of the racism iceberg

“Much of the praise for her in mainstream or left-leaning outlets hinges on her supposed fearlessness in taking on Republicans and traditional conservative thought,” Suebsaeng wrote. “But in her own way and style, Fox News’ rising star is just as bad as the other horrific actors her network features.” He delved into Fox News’ coverage “of a widely disseminated right-wing, race-baiting meme that the New Black Panthers were destroying American democracy through voter intimidation during the 2008 election,” noting that Kelly was one of the “biggest cheerleaders” of this story.

Gawker and Media Matters have also written extensively on Kelly’s race-baiting tactics. In a 2014 segment on the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown at the hands of police officers, Kelly asked, “What is the evidence that what happened to Eric Garner and what happened to Michael Brown has anything to do with race?” She later doubled down, saying, “I’d like to know the proof.”

But Kelly is perhaps best known for another festive bout of racism, when she insisted that both Jesus and Santa Claus—who is a fictional character—are white.