Is it too late for peace to prevail in American politics?

How can we stop this spiral?

First, we can cast out the charlatans. If you don’t want violence in American politics, you simply cannot give your support to a president who so openly celebrates assaults on a reporter, shrugs at the murder of another, and equivocates about responsibility when a white supremacist kills an anti-racism activist. Yes, Trump called the pipe-bomb attacks “despicable,” but he has a long history of winking at violence. Such leaders don’t deserve your vote. Neither does a political party that makes excuses for them.

Second, we can stop making excuses when our own side crosses boundaries. Hate the Proud Boys? You should probably criticize Antifa. Think the Democrats are inspiring mobs? You might want to rethink those old Tea Party protests. Hold yourself, and your side, to the same standards you hold your opponents.

Third, we can all stop wallowing in victimization.