Conservatives have lost the Supreme-Court excuse for supporting Trump

Given all of that, I have a question for Hewitt: If winning the decisive battle for the Supreme Court was the reason you held your nose and voted for Trump, if the 30-years war has now been won, and if Trump will not achieve anything greater going forward, will you start advocating for a less depraved alternative to lead the Republican Party in 2020, and pledge to withhold your vote if the GOP renominates Trump?

By your logic, the raison d’être for your support has disappeared. Trump’s marginal utility to conservatives is permanently diminished. The most powerful moral defense of voting for him despite his corrosive attributes no longer applies.

Shouldn’t this change everything for you? After all, it isn’t as though Trump is no longer an unapologetic bully, a serial liar, and a bad example to children. It isn’t as though the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation are going to vindicate Trump’s judgments about who to hire. It isn’t as though Trump is going to halt his extravagant praise of murderous autocrats, or his demagogic rallies where he induces attendees to indulge their most base instincts and then feeds off the ugly energy.