Sorry Democrats, voters reject your political correctness for good reason

Petty officials indeed: The main source of PC culture on campus isn’t professors, who lean left, but the more numerous true believers in campus “diversity” and “student life” administrators, who lean much further left. And unsurprisingly, PC demands on campus always seem to wind up promoting more money and power for administrators.

People who work in the corporate world see the same kind of thing going on there. And people who work outside of both look on and wonder whether everyone is going crazy.

The trouble for Democrats is that the activists who now run the party come from the PC activist camp. It’s virtually impossible to oppose them, as President Bill Clinton once did, in an effort to reach out to mainstream America. But with 80 percent of America opposed to PC culture, it’s easy for Republicans to make Democrats sound crazy just by quoting PC rules regarding everything from Halloween costumes to the number of genders then watching the Democrats rabidly defend them.