“This dog has a will to live”

On Sunday, Grim announced in an emotional post on Stray Rescue that Quentin, long known as the “spokesdog” for pets on death row, died following a stroke. Grim remembered Quentin for his role as a catalyst in the no-kill movement, saying, “Quentin has done more for animal welfare than any human ever could.”

“Surviving the gas chamber in 2003, he picked me to be his partner to close down numerous animal death chambers across the country, but his miracles didn’t stop there,” Grim wrote. “My miracle buddy also helped to spearhead the no-kill movement, an animal abuse task force, a shelter to protect the abused and forgotten, all the while keeping his dad, me, feeling loved and sane. He changed the landscape of an entire city, and I pray his legacy continues to be a driving force for a humane nation for all animals.”