WWJD: Evangelicals are paying high moral price for anti-abortion gains

Like the religious leaders from the story of the Good Samaritan, who protected their interests and purity by ignoring a man who had been beaten and left to die, too many of our faith leaders endorse the Trump agenda at the expense of those who suffer.

Franklin Graham, who uses the imagery of the Good Samaritan in his organizational name, mocks it by turning a blind eye to the women who raised accusations against Kavanaugh. In doing so, he is complicit in this administration’s war on the vulnerable.

But other religious leaders and people throughout this country know that faith calls us out of blind self-preservation. We know that the pursuit of the common good means taking time to stand with women, people of color, immigrants, refugees, the poor and the sick. Our call is to concern ourselves with those who have been ignored and harmed by governments and powers.

Many of us are shocked by Republicans’ unwillingness to challenge this bullying administration. We are shocked to find ourselves aligned with a party that supports abusers. Some of us have voted Republican most of our lives and find ourselves unable to continue.