The "sniveling coward" and the "maniac" are now allies, as Trump stumps for Cruz

“Look, they went to counseling, things are okay now, they’re back together, they’re getting along now,” said Rick Tyler, an MSNBC political analyst and Republican strategist who worked as a spokesman for Cruz’s 2016 presidential bid.

But, he added, “I still don’t know that they have a relationship in the way that you would think of two people that are friends. They have a transactional relationship, and it’s working for now.”…

“I think that Ted accepted his defeat and realized he had a choice to make — continue the fight or work with Trump and he chose to work with Trump,” said Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.). “So it’s in Ted’s interest to be helpful to the president, and it’s in the president’s interest to have allies when you have 51 Senate seats, and I think that’s what happened here.”